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Focus On Marxism-Leninism

“The indestructible foundation of the whole edifice of Marxism-Leninism is its philosophy - dialectical and historical materialism.

That philosophy regards the world as it actually is, views it in the light of data provided by progressive science and social practice. Marxist philosophical materialism is the logical outcome of scientific knowledge gained over the centuries.”[1]

Human development is the history of a grand struggle between the forces of progress and the forces of reaction. A struggle waged by progressive scientists, philosophers and the labouring masses against ignorance, superstition, idealism and capital. These forces manifest themselves in economic relations and classes. The history of Canadian development is found in this struggle between the forces of reaction – the capitalists which live off the unpaid labour of workers and expropriate labour for profit - and the most progressive force which transforms human relations for the betterment of all – the working class.
The working class produce all value and national wealth. The working class is the most progressive and socially important class. The productive and progressive forces within the working class are locked in a great battle of ideas and economic relations. Capitalists attempt to subvert the working class from its historical role as the leaders of the nation and progress to an obedient servant of war profiteers, industrial capitalists, and investor and finance capital classes.
There are many world outlooks progressive and reactionary. Reactionary outlooks seek to persuade workers that they must become blindly dependant on religion, spirituality or other variants of philosophies of idealism. These “philosophies”, all rooted in the perpetuation of control of economic power for the privileged classes and bosses, all divert or distort human labour into some form of human activity that is less desirable then idleness, parasitism and leisure, where the pursuit of riches is the supreme human virtue.
Marxism-Leninism trusts science and looks to science for the technical mastery of the planet in the betterment of workers. Marxism teaches us that the development of society takes place according to objective laws of human development. These laws govern not only nature but the development of human society itself and take place independent of man’s will.
Marxism is the study of the objective laws of materialism. By revealing these laws of social development Marxism thereby challenge the fundamental premise of all preceding systems; slavery, feudalism and capitalism and raised history to a qualitatively higher level of a genuine science capable of explaining the nature of social and economic relations.
Bourgeois sociologists, economists and historians have not been able to refute the materialist conception of history. They desperately attempt to repudiate the historical materialism of Marxism because it disproves the "eternity" of the capitalist system and it places in workers hands the tools required to transform society from one of private property and privilege for the few to one of national and social development for all.
Canadian politics and the nature of Canadian capital are part of the world historical transformation from capitalism to socialism. The current state of Canadian politics is a reflection of the historical period of capitalist development – US imperialism. The contradictions and the struggles emerging are a manifestation in the crises of capitalism and its collapse where wars and economic crises dominate the development of human activities.
The study of Marxism is a life long pursuit. Mastery of the fundamentals of Marxism requires serious and thoughtful study. It is a task that has great rewards and leads workers to an integral world outlook, from the work place, to human relations, to the protection of and advancement of the social and economic gains fought and won through hundreds of years of struggle.
Focus On Marxism-Leninism (FOML) is an attempt to bring to workers the fundamentals of historical materialism and the science of Marxism. FOML is produced by workers and farmers who study Marxism so that it can be applied to the daily struggles in the work place and lives of workers. FOML will bring relevant works and analysis of the writings of Marx, Engels and Lenin to Canadian and world political developments.
We appeal to workers, farmers, progressive economist and sociologists to submit topical articles to FOS for publication.

1. Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism, Foreign Language Publishing House, Moscow, USSR, page 22