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Workers are confronted with massive erosions of living standards, wages and retirement security. Intensification of labour through job eliminations, speed-up and longer work hours are threatening Canadian families’ mental and physical health and well-being.  War undermines Canadian sovereignty and the expansion of the economy, transferring massive amounts of capital from peaceful purposes, such as manufacturing, low cost housing and health care, to war profiteers and investor classes, who care little about the fate of working families so long as their profits remain unchallenged and their pockets books continue to be fat and bloated with cash.

The Canadian labour movement is waging important struggles to defend and secure the economic positions of workers. Many in the leadership of the trade union movement feel the approach to struggle is through partnerships with the bosses and political parties. The Canadian labour movement has a rich history of militant struggle. History has proved time and again that the only way workers defend their economic situation is through organization and independent militant struggle and independent political action.

Focus On Labour examines labour politics and comments on the current struggles Canadian workers face. We examine Canadian and international labour politics through a Marxist-Leninist analysis.  We analyse the positions of political parties towards labour and attempt to expose the parasites living off of all the unpaid labour time and national wealth created by the over whelming majority of working Canadians  the labouring Canadian working class.

Please send us articles of the struggles and battles raging in your workplace, in your schools, in your hospitals, on your construction sites and plant floors - no fight is too small in the defence of workers.

World Federation of Trades Unions
16th World Trade Union Conference
Athens Greece, April 6-9, 2011

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World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
4th Presidential Council Meeting - Resolution and Plan of Work

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 22-23,  2010

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4th Strike in a Month: The Streets Flooded Again with the Workers of PAME
Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
March 12, 2010

On Thursday March 11th the streets in 68 cities and towns were rivers swollen with anger as employees, youth, women and pensioners demonstrated with PAME.


Speech by WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos at the International Seminar on: “The Economic Crisis and the Role of the International Trade Union Movement”, October 5-6 2009, Brussels.

October 5, 2009

As we all know, the international capitalist economy is going through a deep crisis with extensive synchronization. This situation began firstly in 2007 in the U.S. in the construction sector. The risk of collapse of U.S. financial giants with strong positions in the international market caused a gradual and generalized big value drop in major stock markets of the World. This was the “tip of the iceberg”. There are many analyses of the outbreak of the crisis. We believe that the most reliable one is that it is a crisis of overproduction or otherwise over accumulation of capital. A crisis is a component of the capitalist system and it is also a mechanism of reconstruction that will bring it back stronger, with the support of the State. Through the crisis, the corrections of the more extreme imbalances of capitalism takes place momentarily and partially, to then start a new cycle of unregulated and broadened capitalist reproduction. Already in 1847, Karl Marx gave a scientific explanation for the crises of capitalism. He explained that these are inevitable, cyclical and repetitive. Life itself has confirmed this explanation.




Canadians for Peace and Socialism
May Day 2010 Statement


May Day 2010: Message by the CC of KKE

Communist Party of Greece

April 30, 2010


CAW Embattled – Solidarity and Support

April 22, 2009

Don Currie, Chair - CPS

Which Side Are You On?

No labour struggle in Canada today puts the question “which side are you on” more starkly than the bitter confrontation now underway between the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) on the one hand and the anti-labour Harper Conservatives, the Dalton McGuinty Liberals and the big three auto corporations, GM, Ford and Chrysler on the other.

An anti-union coalition of governments and corporations has been forged to take advantage of a global capitalist depression to wring more concessions from the union, further reduce its membership, and drive down wages and ultimately break the union. This anti-labour alliance as its first priority seeks to maintain and increase corporate profits to satisfy bond holders and big stockholders, company brass and promote the narrow political interests of the Obama and Harper Governments.


Workers retake the streets from March to May 2010
Mobilization plan proposed by the Labor Act
Communist Party of Venezuela (CPV)

Caracus Feb 22, 2010 - The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), and called on workers in the country to return to the mobilization and pressure to the National Assembly this year to get approval of the New Labor Act (Act) that has been stalled in the Standing Committee on Social Development Comprehensive legislative body.

his was expressed, Pedro Eusse, Workers and Trade Union National Secretary and member of the Political Bureau of the tent red, who insisted on the need to be workers and their unions to fight for the legislation that has over ten years late and that was mandated by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. "We emphasize the need for the workers and put us at the forefront of this struggle," he said.