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Focus On Youth (Always Under Construction)

Young Communist League of Canada:

Information sheet on YCL-LJC 25th Central Convention

Oct 6 - Statement of YCL-LJC CEC

Young Communist League of Canada (YCL)

World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY)

Juventud (Cuban Youth Newsite)


Young Communist League of Canada
Assessment of Vancouver Winter Olympics
Read it in WFDY News February 2010

To save Earth and the Environment, defeat imperialism!

WFDY Statement December 10, 2009

Over the last weeks thousands of news in newspapers, websites, television channels and other media have circulated raising the Conference of Partners (COP15) taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a decisive and crucial moment for a deep change in the environmental policies. Many statements and declarations from political leaders and so called experts on the matter have raised this COP15 as a source of hope for saving Earth from the environmental destruction the last one and half century has brought to our common natural patrimony.


Address by the YCLSA National Secretary to the SACP Second Special National Congress

11 December 2009

Receive revolutionary greetings from your Young Communist League, uFasimba, on this occasion of the Second Special National Congress of the SACP. We congratulate the SACP for having convened this august gathering as part of reaffirming the democratic practice within our Party.

We are meeting here in Polokwane as part of the post-Polokwane dispensation. Today, we have Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Members of Parliament, MEC’s and various titles co-determined together with the ANC and Cosatu.


The Revolution Starts Now

By Tim Currie

The Communist Manifesto

Essential reading for all aspiring Marxist-Leninists


Read The CM...

Communist Party of Israel


 On Saturday March 6th please join us in our protest to stop the
 Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

At 7:00 PM we will be holding a mass rally in Sheikh Jarrah against:
The forced eviction of the Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah

The Jewish settlement of East Jerusalem
The undemocratic attack on political protest

50 Palestinians have already been evicted from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Another 500 are threatened. If the settlers and their government allies succeed, all Palestinians in East Jerusalem are threatened. If we stop them in Sheikh Jarrah, we can stop them elsewhere.

We call on all groups who support the struggle for Palestinian rights and for a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinian, to hold solidarity protest vigils on March 6 near Israeli consulates and embassies abroad.


The Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood Committee
Just Jerusalem – the Israeli Coalition for a just solution in Jerusalem

For more information on the struggle see our blog:

What's the Deal in Sheikh Jarrah
To make contact please write to: