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Tim Buck Avenue

Tim Buck - Photo By KarshFifty kilometres east of Thunder Bay, Trans-Canada Hwy. 11/17 intersects with Hwy. 582 leading to the hamlet of Hurkett ON nestled on the shores of Black Bay, Lake Superior. From the 1930’s to the late 1950’s, 582 was known to locals as “Tim Buck Avenue”*. Every second household in the 1930’s and 40’s was a member/supporter of the Communist Party, later the Labour Progressive Party.

During the Dirty Thirties the authorities cut off relief to the local unemployed. The locals confronted the “Relief Officer” and forced the authorities to restore cash relief. Some attributed the Hurkett protest to halting planned cut backs to relief throughout the entire district. The local Communist Party Club conducted classes on Das Capital, organized a YCL Club, sponsored public meetings, sold subscriptions to the Clarion and later the Canadian Tribune and participated in federal election campaigns, and in one such campaign put up a local candidate, Bob Aylward. The legendary Sam Scarlett was a candidate and along with other leaders of the Communist Party visited the area on speaking tours.

There are many “Tim Buck Avenues” in Canada. From coast to coast there are stories of struggles inspired by the Communists and the ordinary working people who led them. Tim Buck Avenue is dedicated to those people. If you have a story to tell, an anecdote or memoir and want it published, that is what this column is all about. Send us your story and we will publish it.

* Dorions Roots and Branches – One Hundred Years Rembered 1901-2001 pg 212. Published by the Dorion Public Library 170 Dorion Loop Road Dorion ON P0T 1K0

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