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February 17, 2008
Letters to the Editor
Nelson Daily News
Dear Editor
Regarding the CBC ‘The National’ Pundits
The palpable fear gripping the inner circles of privilege and power that Canadian public opinion is evolving independently of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ability to control it has muted the crude media spin that “the Taliban are coming to kill us all” and cued the silver tongued liberal academic brain trust most skilled at serving political power while pretending to oppose it.
The Manley, Ignatieff, Rae (M.I.R.) tag team of political double speak have re-packaged a brutal war into a charity ball. The CBC pundits (and we exclude Toronto Star columnist Chantal Hebert the only one with a shred of integrity left) who regularly play a congenial game of pitch and catch with CBC boat anchor Peter Mansbridge, were given a master class in political obfuscation by (M.I.R.) and dutifully pounced on it.
After sputtering for weeks as to why Canadians “didn’t understand the complexities” of the US-NATO war in Afghanistan (dullards that we are) Andrew Coyne, editor of McLean’s and Greg Allen Conservative pollster (paid for the hopeless task of making Stephen Harper appear human) are now all chuffed up for at least a few more CBC ‘The National’ shows to explain to electors why it is unpatriotic not to sacrifice the lives of more Canadian soldiers and Afghan civilians for at least another four years.
One will have to search back through the years to find a more distasteful demonstration of how many over priced brain-trusters and pundits can be packed into one small unprincipled space. It proves once again that what unites the political elite and their minions is fear, fear of the good common sense of the people of Canada who in their majority oppose this war.
Don Currie
Slocan BC