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CPS Statement on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day March 8, 2008

On this International Women’s Day Canadian women confront a federal government claiming to uphold “family values” while working to undermine and eliminate all of the “value” gains won by women in past decades that protect their right to work, with adequate child care, to be economically independent by redressing pay inequalities, to guarantee job opportunities in male dominated workplaces, protect their right to choose and to be protected from sexist affronts on the job and in the community.

The Harper Conservative Government has deliberately weakened legislation removed resources and funding that protect women from all forms of violence, indignities and victimization and is attempting to re-impose in the 21st century the subservient, dependent and humiliating male chauvinist existence imposed on women in the past.

Working women reject and resist all attempts to turn back the political clock. They fight to move forward, to restore lost ground and wrest more concessions from reactionary governments. They demand that all women have full equality of rights in all spheres of modern society.

The struggle of women for full equality of rights is the cause of organized labour and all progressive forces. Women’s rights are indivisible from worker’s rights, from the rights of all oppressed and exploited people and a victory for one is a victory for all.

Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative Government covertly and overtly continue to express their hostility to the demand of Canadian women for full economic, political, social and democratic rights. The defeat of the Harper Conservative Government would remove the major obstacle impeding the advance of Canadian women towards full equality of rights, economic and social justice.

In Solidarity

Canadians for Peace and Socialism

Don Currie, Chair