Left Turn Canada – Election 2008:
Labour and Peace Central to the Defeat of Harper Neo-Cons
CPS Election Analysis 2008 - Week 1
August 31, 2008

The organized labour, left and peace movements have an important role to play in the upcoming federal election to help end the disastrous neo-con reign of Prime Minister Harper. For the advanced left forces it begins by explaining the failure of the profit system to come up with any government that meets the needs of working people and to pose the urgency of a left turn in Canadian politics away from war and towards peace and an entirely new form of people’s democratic governance.
Left turn Canada means to confront the bullying of Parliament by the corporate sector that caters to a wealthy privileged elite while the majority who labour for a living sink deeper into economic uncertainty.
The progressive non-sectarian left has the job of exposing and rejecting the Harper Government’s disastrous anti-people’s program of war, militarism, energy sell-out and neglect of a disintegrating manufacturing sector and the deliberate destruction of public urban and rural infrastructure, health care, education and social programs.
· Defeat the Neo-Con Harper Conservatives.
· Out of NATO, Out of Afghanistan, Out of NAFTA!
· Nationalize energy resources!
· End the tyranny of big business over economic development.
· Spend on jobs, health, education, child care!
· Reject militarism and war!
· For a life with a future of peace for the youth!
· Left Turn Canada!