Statement: Canadians for Peace and Socialism (CPS) on the Israeli Bombing of Gaza.
Sunday, December 28, 2008
Don Currie, Chair CPS

Canadians for Peace and Socialism (CPS) add our voice to the worldwide condemnation of the murderous December 27th Israeli air attack on the citizens of the Gaza strip causing 290 dead and over 800 hundred gravely wounded, including women and children.
The assertion of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak that the Government of Israel had no option but to launch a sudden massive air assault on Gaza is fallacious. The air attacks were planned, deliberate and designed to terrorize and inflict the maximum number of indiscriminate casualties.
The criminal attacks accord with the narrow political ambitions of some Israeli politicians seeking election in upcoming Israeli elections. The attacks are also designed to bind the incoming Obama Government in the USA to the Israeli far right.
CPS condemns the statement of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon aligning the Harper Conservative minority government with Israeli aggression. By so doing, the Harper Conservative minority government sets itself against majority Canadian and world wide support for the just cause of the Palestinian people.
Calls for a cease fire and peace, while ignoring the injustices inflicted by the Government of Israel on the dignity and sovereign rights of the Palestinian people are a political justification for the perpetuation of oppression.
A solution to the conflict begins with the recognition of the right of 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza to resist the Israeli blockade of their homeland. The struggle for basic human needs and rights in particular the needs of children denied food, education and medical care deserve the support of all progressive and democratic forces.
CPS joins with the growing international that upholds the justice of the cause of the Palestinian people and demands an immediate and permanent end to Israeli military assaults on civilians.