Statement Canadians for Peace and Socialism -International Women's Day
March 8, 2009
Canadians for Peace and Socialism

On this International Women's Day, across Canada and everywhere around the world women are defiantly resisting militarism war and economic crisis. Women are joining organizations that fight for their rights. Women have created new organizations and formed international networks of solidarity in a determined effort to end violence against women in all of its forms wherever it arises. Women demand good jobs that provide economic independence. Women insist on their right to access meaningful education. They demand the rights of children and the family be upheld. They expose and reject racism, ignorance, male chauvinism and religious prejudice used to subjugate and deprive women of their rights.
Working class women are in the forefront of the struggles for peace and economic justice and full equality of rights. Working women are joining working class political parties and unions and demanding that governments enact pay equity legislation, provide universal publicly funded child care and high standard facilities and programs that protect women's health. Women call for free special needs training and education that encourage young women to boldly enter all walks of life including high paying skilled trades and technology occupations. Women call for an end to homelessness and demand constructed and affordable low cost housing for their families. Women demand that the special needs of single mothers and older women who have worked and are without adequate retirement income be provided for. Farm women, confronting heavy work loads off and on the farm, are insisting on full recognition and protection of rights for their labour.
In increasing numbers women are recognizing that to win improvements in their lives and of all those who labour to live, they must enter politics. More women are standing for election in unions, left political movements and parties and campaign for election to all levels of government where they can advocate on behalf of all those who work to live. Many outstanding women leaders in all walks of life militantly advocate for all who seek a better life. Women everywhere unite with all of progressive humanity for peace and many are taking up the cause of socialism as the ultimate answer to their needs and aspirations.
Women's organizations have condemned the Harper minority Conservative Government's tokenism, a cover to roll back the gains of women, prevent pay equity, discourage women from seeking full employment, child care and all of the special needs of women in the home and at work. The Harper Government's record of attempting re-impose in the 21st century the second class status of the past is rejected by all progressive forces in the country. A new type of people's government is needed to enact genuine programs to advance the cause of the vast majority of women for full equality of rights.
In solidarity with women, all progressives are determined to prevent reactionary attempts to turn back the political clock on the gains made thus far in the struggle for the emancipation of women. The struggle continues to move forward, to restore lost ground and wrest more concessions from reactionary governments. Women's rights are indivisible from worker's rights, from the rights of all oppressed and exploited people and a victory for one is a victory for all.
Much has been achieved. Much more remains to be won.
In Solidarity
Canadians for Peace and Socialism
Don Currie, Chair
Canadians for Peace and Socialism
Left Turn Canada!