May Day Statement

May Day Statement
May 1, 2009
Canadians for Peace and Socialism

On May Day 2009 join with labour in the struggle for peace and full employment. May Day 2009 marks a rise in the determination of millions of Canadian workers to fight for working class solutions to a global capitalist depression. All Canadians who must work to live resist and reject all schemes to save the capitalist system by war and at the expense of the their jobs, wages, income, health and pensions.
More working people are abandoned by the Harper Conservative Government every day. In spite of possessing the means to do so, the Government refuses to provide unemployment insurance and income security for all. The parties of the profit system, the Conservatives and the Liberals place the interests of the banks and the financial system of capitalism above the interests of the working people.
The resistance of organized labour to the transfer of the wealth of the country to the exclusive use of the banks and a small group of wealth and privilege is on the rise. The autoworkers are in the forefront of the struggle and others will be compelled to follow their example.
The working people, as the creators of all of the wealth of the country are demanding their interests and the needs of the poor are the priority of all elected representatives at Ottawa and in every provincial and municipal government across the country.
The capitalist depression is far from over and as it develops it exposes the irreconcilable class differences and the need for a people�s movement led by labour to challenge the power of finance capital over the state.
Unite and fight for an entirely new direction for Canada that includes an immediate emergency economic program that defends jobs, provides income to all unemployed, places a moratorium on all mortgages and rents of the unemployed workers and provides low interest credit available to small business and cash strapped farmers and as a priority funds public health care, public housing, the needs of seniors and those in poverty and restores the infrastructure of urban and rural Canada.
On this May Day join with the workers of the world for a better future for all who labour. Canada is a rich country. We have everything we need to provide for all. Capitalism is the problem and socialism is the answer.
Left Turn Canada!