Intervention by Communist Worker

Intervention by Communist Workers' Party of Russia - Revolutionary Party of Communists,

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Dear Comrades

Talking about education in general and the teaching of the history of 2-nd World War, it is impossible to consider this issue as a particular, in isolation from the general laws which determine the add-on category of society. Historically, that in all our countries at present ruling class is the bourgeoisie. Consequently, our states are states of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. And, therefore, the bourgeoisie has every opportunity to impose their ideology in all spheres of society as the dominant, including - and especially - in the field of education.

One of the main ideological war - is history. We are all well aware that history - is a modern politician, treatment in the past. This or that coverage of historical events in a very large extent, affects the formation of a certain worldview. Especially if it is - the impact on young hearts and minds, yet unprotected sound knowledge and own experiences.

Lighting (or more precisely - distortion) event 2-nd World War in the educational process in today's Russia as a whole largely repeats of use of more experienced bourgeois propagandists of other countries. However, teaching and general description of events and major issues of this war has Rossiyskom state and its peculiarities.

Thus, in most countries, which fought on either side in this war, there was one and the same socio-economic system - capitalism, and the peoples of these countries have fought over this or that degree of democratization of the regime, against the fascist (and the governments of these countries often do have fought only for their capitalist interests), then the Soviet war against Nazi Germany was of a distinct class character. It really was a deadly clash between the young, developing socialism and capitalism in its most disgusting, fascist form. Naturally, the bourgeoisie in our country completely ignoring this class character, general says not a word about it. In Russia the formation of this war is just as Russian war against the Germans, the war in his native Russian soil against the German invaders, who want only to capture our resources. One can understand why it makes the bourgeois government. Is more difficult to understand why in the same fairway are some people who position themselves as the Communist opposition. Thus, in an address to the citizens of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russia, signed by the Chairman of the party, GA Zyuganov November 18, 2009, states the following: "Do not struggle against Bolshevism and the Soviet power, and desire to take over Russia's resources and lay underlies the policies of the major capitalist countries, beginning with the Kaiser's Germany and ending with the postwar United States." As if unknown in the Communist Party that the Great Patriotic War was primarily a war between two diametrically opposed social and political systems: communism and fascism. By the way, about that time, with characteristic directness and categorically said, and General Secretary of the CPSU (B) IV Stalin and the Fuhrer of the Third Reich A. Hitler.

 Incidentally, I will turn your attention to the fact that bourgeois propagandists and the compilers of school and university textbooks are very difficult to reconcile the fact that Stalin and other leaders of the Soviet state, as well as military commanders and political instructors of the army is really everywhere and always emphasized that our nation is fighting for Socialism (in all the banners of all parts of the Soviet Army were written the words "For Our Soviet Motherland") - So, it is difficult to reconcile this fact with their fabrications, as if the people of the Soviet Union was actually in its mass is set against the Soviets, that the Soviet political and military leadership knew about it and exhibited defensive squads behind the attackers or defenders parts, under the muzzles of which alone could compel soldiers to fight, though the major military successes thus achieved were only a penal battalion and so on. After all, simple logic dictates that in this case, the Soviet propaganda, it would be beneficial not to stress, and in every possible way to obscure the class character of the war, it would be beneficial to talk only about protecting our land and resources of the national character of the war, as do today's advocates in school textbooks. Well, because as a reasonably explain this glaring contradiction is impossible, its just too silent.

Naturally, in the textbooks of Russian schools and universities, followed by books from other countries, persistently repeats the idea that the main events of 2-nd World War, took place not on the Soviet-front, and on other fronts, the decisive contribution to victory made no Soviet Union and other countries of the anti-Hitler coalition. Thus, the most common school textbook Kredera quite deliberately aimed at belittling and hushing up the role of the Soviet Union in defeating Nazism and Japanese militarism and the glorification of the United States. Therefore, students in this tutorial may learn that the biggest battles of World War II were, it turns out, the Battle of Midway and the Battle of El Alamein, and not the Kursk Bulge, Stalingrad or Berlin operation of the Soviet Army (Kursk and Stalingrad battle at all mentioned in the textbook between business, one line, separated by commas). In another, the second most common textbook (author - Forty-Tsyup) The Battle of Kursk is not mentioned. Without underestimating the truly great contribution of our allies, we still know very well how such allegations are far from the truth. And well aware of their purpose.

Malo and vaguely mentioned in the textbooks about the ideology of fascism and its dangers, of the fate that awaited the peoples of the Soviet Union under the rule of the Nazis, little monstrous and monstrously boring - about the partisan movement during World War II.

It is difficult to explain the bourgeois authors and international character of the struggle of the Soviet people. In other countries that have emerged in the Soviet Union, the memory of participation, about the exploits of the inhabitants of those countries (at that time - the Soviet people), not sparing their lives to defend the Soviet Motherland, just try to erase from the minds of people, first of all - young, living in a time. In these countries generally try to release them from Nazi occupation of as its replacement with the Soviet occupation. We know about the facts of the blasphemous and the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers and war veterans - members of the nationalities present post-Soviet countries. You know about such events in Estonia, Latvia, Georgia. In Ukraine, the heroes are not appointed by the fighters against fascism, and the accomplices of fascism - just because they are at the same time aiding in fact fought against the Soviet Army, and then - against Soviet civilians. Less well known fact that the demolition of the monument in Kyrgyzstan - the monument to the working-Kyrgyzstan have adopted 15 children, seven different nationalities, who have been orphaned after the death of their parents during the war. Soviet authorities establish memorials of this remarkable people, and the bourgeois, who boast of their supposedly humane - their demolition. But in our country for the most part do not speak about the contribution to the victory of people in other Soviet republics, saying only the heroism of the Russian people. Otherwise would have to admit that the people who destroyed the Soviet Union, all carried out Hitler's plans: they destroyed the state socialism, destroying its economic potential, the army replaced the flags, removing from them the inscription "For Our Soviet Motherland," even the Victory Banner, hoisting over the prostrate Reichstag tried to falsify, remove from him the hammer and sickle, quite logically justifying this by the fact that it is - a symbol of communism. Only a stubborn struggle of our deputies in the Duma, VA Tyulkina prevented this blasphemy. As the national flag hoisted over our country the same flag under which fought on the other side of the front of Hitler's stooges, the traitors, Vlasov. But not only this limited their offense - they have destroyed and the people - the Soviet people, the one entity that actually existed in our country. Recognizing the international character of the war, would have to acknowledge the existence of this community.

A lot of distortions in the Russian history books contained in the pre-war coverage of events, political actions of the Soviet leadership and guidance of other countries. Thus, all kinds of stoning being Soviet-Germanic a nonaggression pact. And with literally no words in these books that he was imprisoned by our leadership only after Britain and France broke our initiative to establish a collective defense against fascist aggression, after Poland rejected the Soviet proposals to counter such aggression. Suffice it to say that this treaty was concluded by the Soviet Union only after such contracts have already been concluded and Britain, and France, and Poland. Not a word in these books, of course, no and the shameful Munich conspiracy, in fact opened the way for the aggression of Nazi Germany. No word on what kind of real, practical positive role played by our contract with Germany for a much needed win for us in time for the already imminent threat of attack on our country - the inevitability of this became clear after Munich, after all the contracts of other countries with the aggressor. It has become like the conventional version of the existence of secret protocols to the treaty, as is noted in our textbooks as a proven fact. At one time, around that version was broken quite a few copies of historians. After all, the original of these protocols was not found. And the so-called copies, who took God knows where, the signature of Molotov depicted in Latin characters, but any scientist-historian knows that Molotov had never signed. And on the text of the Treaty itself and his signature is, as always, in Russian, in Cyrillic. "Close" is discussed, the specially constituted committee of Alexander Yakovlev, the so-called "architect" of Gorbachev's perestroika. So, the commission acknowledged that the original protocols were not found. And the only "proof", the commission's view, was the fact that all the events of the war took place exactly as provided by these protocols. Everything! All, clapping, recognized the excellent work of the commission, and the existence of protocols to this point is not contested. But in fact, for any historian of war is absolutely clear that the events of war are defined in such a huge number of different circumstances that provide them exactly impossible even theoretically. And the actual fact of the text matching the events conclusively proves only that the text was written after the events, rather than before them.

Similarly, widely regarded as true - and is mentioned in the textbooks - the monstrous fiction of the shooting of Polish officers in Katyn. Although a thorough study by an international commission produced in hot pursuit, containing numerous irrefutable evidence and therefore recognized by the Nuremberg Tribunal, as clearly revealed the fact that the execution by the Nazis. But our pupils and students do not have access to these documents. They have to get information (or rather - disinformation) from their false books.

For example, already referred to a textbook for high school being generally thought a monstrous, monstrous even for any of the bourgeois countries, fought in the anti-Hitler coalition. The idea is that the defeat of the Soviet Army, Hitler was an event harmful since led to the spread of countries in Eastern Europe "communist totalitarianism." A terrible "of communist totalitarianism, author of the textbook Krederu, nothing. Consequently, even fascism - better. And kids should learn this.

But there is another, perhaps the main feature distinguishing the line of the authorities of Russia in the approaches to the presentation of the events of the war in our education on the lines of other states. The fact that the Soviet people, this war was truly Patriotic. Perhaps no family in the Soviet people, which would not have suffered the loss of a loved one in this terrible war. Let the authorities could bring to life the designs of Hitler, as mentioned here. But they still can not completely ignore the feelings of people who remained in the Soviet people, despite years of washing their brains. These feelings were too strong, too well they are imprinted on the memory, too dangerous to offend. And so the authorities have chosen cunning move: they cling to the victory of the Soviet people, tried to privatize this victory. They are everywhere and they lie, if it were - their victory. Although then just their dastardly thing defeated. And today they allegedly continued to believe that day holiday and congratulate veterans, organize parades ... But all of this - not a red flag with hammer and sickle and with the inscription "For Our Soviet Motherland", and under Vlasov's tricolor. In their textbooks, they really celebrate the victory, but not the Soviet people, not the Soviet Union and its Red Army, and even agree to such nonsense and said it was the victory of Russia. Here is a sophisticated mockery of the truth, over the logic of justice.

In its struggle with today's distortions of history we can and must seek the disclosure of truth, convey this truth to the youth. But we must clearly understand that the bourgeois state, while it exists, will remain the dominant bourgeois ideology. And win it with all its false and cynical methods can only defeat the bourgeoisie, by destroying the capitalist state, carrying out socialist revolution.

 Do not falter in his chosen path!

I. Ferber (RKRP-PKK)