Intervention by Communist Party

Intervention by Communist Party of Malta

David Pisani CC Member

Falsifying history

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Malta I must thank the Communist Party of Greece for inviting the CPM to participate in this Seminar..

The trend of equating communism with fascism is not something new it has been with us since after the second world war, and during the cold war period..

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Socialist community in Eastern Europe this lie has found a new impetus, especially in the former Socialist countries. Where right wing administrations, financed by imperialist circles in the US and Western Europe,  are harassing and banning Communist Parties and bringing forward in the European Parliament,  resolutions for making Communist Parties illegal all over Europe

The present campaign to falsifying history, has always been part of the anti-Communist crusades carried out by right wing parties and organisation with the financial, moral and political support of capitalism.

The present phase of this poisoning of history is to try to obscure and reduce the contribution of the Soviet Union to the destruction of the evil of Nazism. Fed by the nationalist right, the re writers of history siezed  of the last (the 70 )anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of Poland to claim that the Soviet Union was equally to blame for the outbreak of the war.

Their main evidence is the Molotov-Ribbentrop signed between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, just before the Nazi invasion of Poland, hiding the fact that Hitler had decided to “eliminate” Poland well before this treaty.

It has always been in their interest to hide the responsibility of the governments of Britain, France, Poland and others not only for the rise of Hitler and Nazism in Germany but also for the outbreak of the Second World War.

There was the Munich Betrayal of Czechoslovakia. The Soviets and the French had mutual military assistance pacts with Czechoslovakia. But France betrayed that country while the USSR was ready to intervene. Britain and France handed over a Central European country to the Nazis.

Then there was the question of Poland. It was governed by a military fascist junta who in fact collaborated with the German Nazis and took part in the invasion of Czechoslovakia to annex the Czechoslovakian district of  Cieszyn.

Realising the grand ambitions of Hitler, the Soviets proposed to Britain, France and Poland a military pact to stop further Nazi expansion.  Fascist Poland refused to consider this plan. Britain and France sent low rank officials, with no power to take decisions, to Moscow. They were sent on the long journey by boat. In contrast, to appease Hitler the Prime Ministers of Britain and France rushed to Munich by air.

Stalin realised that the west had no real interest in stopping Hitler and suspected that it was ready to allow the partition of the Soviet Union between then and the fascist Axis. This led to a re-orientation of the Soviet Union’s foreign policy and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, which was certainly a defensive measure taken by the Soviets.

The present rewriting of the history of those days is being propelled by the extreme right in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other Eastern European countries. These are the same people, or their direct heirs, who during the War supported the Nazis in various ways.

Ways which include sending troops to fight against the Soviet Union in the so called “Anti-Communist Crusade”, but also cooperation in the Holocaust, in the massacre of Jews, Roms, and other people categorised as “unter mensch” by the German Nazis. In participating in the SS Action Squads who were responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of people, in forming part of the Guards in Extermination Camps and the Warsaw Ghetto.

The political heirs of Nazi collaborators in Eastern Europe are gaining strength because of the growing poverty in those countries. Their rise to political power in several countries has permitted to rewrite history books for schools.

As these countries are members of the European Union, they are putting pressure on all member countries to conduct this anti-Soviet and anti-Communist campaign, to bury their own undemocratic and fascist set up and trying to paint their collaboration with the Nazis as a “struggle for freedom” and that the war criminals who formed part of of the Baltic and Ukranian Legions of the infamous Waffen-SS were “fighters for independence”.

They tried to force  Europe to adopted a declaration making the 23 of August  a day to “remember victims of Stalinism and Nazism”.  The EU adopted a very watered down version of this declation  and few governments nominated this date.

No genuine historian can deny that the Soviet Union  played the DECISIVE part in  the destruction of Nazism, albeit at a terrible cost including the loss of some 25 million Soviet citizens.

This poisoning of history has lead to the spread of the skin-head and neo-nazi moviments, the rise of anti-semitism , anti-Rom and other homophobic effects. A situation that is spreading to European countries which previously were among the most open democracies.

The poison is spreading. It must be stopped. We must make sure that the right wing and consevatives must not have the monopoly of manipulating the  school curriculum everywhere. The younger generations must be protected from the brainwashing of these fascists propagandists.

Truth will prevail

Communism will triumph.