Workers retake the streets from March to May 2010
, mobilization plan proposed by the Labor Act

Communist Party of Venezuela (CPV)
Tribuna Popular TP
Caracas, Feb 22. 2010

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The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), and called on workers in the country to return to the mobilization and pressure to the National Assembly this year to get approval of the New Labor Act (Act) that has been stalled in the Standing Committee on Social Development Comprehensive legislative body.

This was expressed, Pedro Eusse, Workers and Trade Union National Secretary and member of the Political Bureau of the tent red, who insisted on the need to be workers and their unions to fight for the legislation that has over ten years late and that was mandated by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. "We emphasize the need for the workers and put us at the forefront of this struggle," he said.

In this regard the PCV, propose to the workers' organizations National Mobilization Plan for the period from March to May this year, in order to put pressure on agencies, especially the National Assembly to resume discussions that was stopped earlier this year.

"We are for a New Labor Act that allows workers play a key role in the transformation of production relations, generating changes in industrial relations, exerting a monitoring and collective comptroller on production processes, Eusse said.

To give effect to the proposal, the PCV present within the National Union of Workers (JOIN) mobilization efforts, considering that this union is in the midst of a special congressional process, started last November 2009 and which will culminate on 13 March next year ..

The PCV leader and coordinator of the Corriente Clasista Workers "Cruz Villegas stressed that to the extent that deepens the class struggle, it becomes increasingly necessary to have a legal tool according to new scenarios that face and workers.

Eusse, gave the example of the Supermarket "Success" or Bicentennial, and was nominated by the National Executive, "it highlights the need for and the workers in these workplaces, play a leadership role in the processes management and production of nationalized enterprises, "he said.

He recalled that the problems we have faced many nationalized companies "depend on the fact that even the workers and are still in a condition of subordination and oppression and have not come to play a leadership role," the communist leader.