Statement – Canadians for Peace

International Women’s Day

Statement – Canadians for Peace and Socialism

March 8th 2010

On this International Women’s Day, the attack by the right-wing Harper Conservative minority government on worker’s families, against women and young people and children is resisted by the organized action of the left, labor, peace and democratic movements of the people.

There is a growing recognition among all progressive forces, that the struggle for the full emancipation of women from all forms of double oppression, inequality and exploitation, for full economic independence, for an end to all forms of violence against women is inseparable from the struggle of the working class as a whole to end the system of wage slavery.  

The struggle for women’s emancipation is unresolved. It has been going on since the advent of class society. It continues today. All of the advances in the struggle for women’s full equality have been achieved as a result of the organized and united struggle of men and women together, in full recognition of the fact, that when women are oppressed and denied their full economic, political and social rights, all working people are diminished and weakened in the struggle for a better life for all.

Today women are in the forefront of the struggles for peace and economic justice and full equality of rights. Working women are joining working class political parties and unions and demanding that governments enact pay equity legislation, provide universal publicly funded child care and high standard facilities and programs that protect women’s health. Women call for free special needs training and education that encourage young women to boldly enter all walks of life including high paying skilled trades and technology occupations. Women call for an end to homelessness and demand affordable low cost housing for their families. Women demand that the special needs of single mothers and older women who have worked and are without adequate retirement income be provided for.  Farm women, confronting heavy work-loads off and on the farm, are insisting on full recognition and protection of rights for their labor. 

On this International Women’s Day Canadians for Peace and Socialism, greet the women of Canada and join with them in their struggle for full equality of rights in all endeavors, in the full knowledge that each partial victory for women’s emancipation moves the whole struggle forward and brings us all closer to socialism.