The women

The women’s inequality has a class character

Women stand up! Fight capitalism that ruins your life!

Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

March 10, 2010 

The message of the 8th March echoed throughout the country during the mass rallies held by  PAME and the Greek Federation of Women (OGE) on the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the establishment of the International Women‘s Day. Thousands of people participated in the rallies and showed their determination to fight against the “black block” of the government, the EU, the capital, the parties that support the EU and the compromised leaderships in the trade union movement.

In spite of the heavy rain, working women from factories, offices and stores, teachers, students and mothers marched with their children and husbands and demanded permanent and stable employment with social security rights, their right to maternity, free education and healthcare system.  The rally was also saluted by the Women International Democratic Federation that sent a message of support announced at the opening of the demonstration.

The mass rallies sent a clear cut message: capitalism cannot grant equality to women due to its exploitative character. The women’s equality before the law is a deception.  The achievements of the women in socialism were definitely bigger than the gains achieved by the people’s movement in the developed capitalist countries. PAME and OGE called upon the women of the working class, the self-employed, the women of the poor peasantry to struggle against the capitalist exploitation and the anti-people measures.

“First they deceive the women with the equality before the law and now they bring a new package of severe, barbarous measures affecting especially women and even more so the young women and the young couples” commented Aleka Papariga, General secretary of the CC of KKE.  Furthermore, she went on to stress the need for a joint, united struggle of both genders: “so the struggle for the repulse of these measures, the struggle for the women equality and emancipation, the struggle for the gender equality is vital for the improvement of the working people’s family. Both genders must struggle together; workers, employees, peasants, self-employed all against the measures that supposedly hit the crisis but in fact place new burdens on the shoulders of the people.