A Note on the Pravda article on

A Note on the Pravda article on recent events in Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine Finally Bid Farewell to Yushchenko’s Ignorance
Pravda.ru, April 16, 2010

Pravda: Yushchenko’s administration was attracted to Nazism. They tried to present the Ukrainian nationalists as the force that fought against the Soviets and the Germans to liberate the Ukrainian nation from Bolshevism. The leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists signed a treaty on June 30, 1941 about the establishment of the new world order in cooperation with the German Army and the Fuhrer of the German nation Adolf Hitler. They did not fight against Nazism - they were satellites of the Third Reich.

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Comrades and Friends:  

What it illustrates is the unshakeable unity of the Russian and Ukrainian people that was forged during the Great Patriotic War. It underlines a defeat of the attempt of the pro-Nazi remnants in Ukraine that united around Yushchenko’s Orange Revolution.

These anti-communist forces were deeply involved in an attempt to revise the glorious history of the defeat of Hitler by the Red Army. Yushchenko was supported by Canadian Ukrainian Nationalists, including renegade ex-communists with the full support and financial backing of the Canadian Government.

As we approach the 140th Anniversary of the Birth of Lenin we also draw your attention Volume 30 Page 163 of Lenin’s Collected Works on the Draft Resolution of the C.C. R.C.P (B) On Soviet Rule in the Ukraine. The latter is a masterful statement of how the Bolsheviks mastered the difficult problems associated with winning the poor and middle peasants of the time to the support of working class and Soviet Power.

This explains better than anything we, who were remote from those events, but accorded the Bolshevik Revolution our full support, can do to refute the preposterous and reactionary claims of modern day Ukrainian Nationalists who unashamedly boast of their WW2 collaboration with Nazis.

Today we are confronted with another orchestrated onslaught of anti-communism, the ideological fog of imperialism, designed to weaken the fight back of the working class and its allies against the global capitalist recession, for an end to US-NATO wars and for the sovereignty and independence of our country and for socialism.

Now is the time for ideological and theoretical clarity and firmness. Now is the time for a reaffirmation of the revolutionary validity of Marxism Leninism in the 21st Century.

Don Currie, Chair Canadians for Peace and Socialism