The 65th Anniversary of the Allied Victory Over Nazi Germany!

The Way I See It

Don Currie: Editor FOS

May 5, 2010

A quick read of the propaganda of the corporate controlled mass media about the impending May 8th 65TH Anniversary of the Allied Victory over Nazi Germany, the uniformed are invited to believe that the military forces of every country involved in WW2 defeated Hitler’s Armies except the Soviet Union[1].   

That is a deliberate omission and distortion of historical truth.  Even the version of the surrender of the Hitler forces to the Allied forces peddled in the west is designed to convey the lie that Nazi Germany surrendered to Britain and the USA.   Here is what of April 30th 2010 states:

‚ÄúThe news flash reached Canada at 9:36 p.m. ET on May 7, 1945: ‚ÄėGermany has surrendered unconditionally.‚Äô¬† The following day British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made the official announcement on radio and declared Victory in Europe Day, later shortened to VE-Day. ¬†It was still morning in Canada when he made the announcement, and jubilant crowds spilled into the streets.‚ÄĚ[2]

Such glib commentary passes for journalism.  It is a classic example of implying something by a deliberate omission and suppression of fact.

In the Secrets of the Second World War the acclaimed Soviet historian G. Deborin wrote the Soviet account of that event quoting all of the appropriate official western sources[3].

The Soviet historian begins by recounting how after Hitler’s suicide, power passed to Admiral Doenitz a loyal Hitler Nazi.  Doenitz contacted British and US commands to attempt to arrange for a German surrender that would leave Nazi troops in charge of large areas of Germany and even parts of Czechoslovakia and most importantly exclude the Soviet Union from the impending surrender.  The plan was cooked up as early as March by John Foster Dulles[4] and had the approval of some British and US military commanders.  It was all too much for US General Eisenhower who realized that such perfidy would not be supported by the people of the Allied countries and quickly squashed the scheme.  A protocol on Germany’s unconditional surrender was signed in Rheims on May 7th 1945 at 02.41 hours.

We pick up Deborin’s narrative:

“In the early hours of May 7th General  A.I.  Antonov  Chief of the Red Army General Staff addressed a message to the heads of the British and American Military missions in Moscow, suggesting that the Rheims instrument be regarded as temporary and that a general unconditional surrender instrument be signed in Berlin.  The government and military commands of the United States and Britain consented.

“The instrument of Germany’s unconditional surrender was signed at midnight, May 8, 1945, in Karlhorst, a Berlin suburb, by representatives of Hitler’s military command, Field Marshal Keitel, Adminal Friedeburg and Air Force Col. Gen. Stumpff.  The Soviet Supreme Command was represented by Marshall of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov, by British Chief Air Marshall Arthur Tedder, the US Armed Forces by General Carl Spaatz, and the French Command Armed Forces by the Commander-in-Chief, General Delattre di Tassigny.

‚ÄúThe surrender instrument formalized the conclusion of the war in Europe.‚ÄĚ

On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Unconditional Surrender of the Nazi Germany to the Allied Forces in Europe and in response to the distortions of a leading Canadian historian about the role of Stalin and the Soviet Union leading up to the defeat of Hitler Germany, I authored an article at the time about those events and circulated it to the Communist Party of Canada, progressive organizations and the progressive press.  The article is re-reprinted on our website on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Allied Victory over Nazi Germany.

The 2005 article was suppressed by the Canadian left progressive press.

Both People’s Voice and Spark apparently did not consider it worthy of publication.  In its place a similar version quoting some obscure sources, was authored by Darrell Rankin, Provincial Leader of the Communist Party in Manitoba and subsequently published in People’s Voice[5].

Word reached me that Mike Lucas, well known and respected spokesperson for Canadian Soviet Friendship also appraised the 2005 article highly said he would publish it but failed to do so.

We also around that time took issue with Heather Mallick former Globe and Mail columnist for her departure into the swamp of unsubstantiated slurs against Stalin and the period of his leadership[6].  She never replied either.  Subsequently, because of her otherwise very good work as a columnist she was invited to leave the Globe and Mail.  We also circulated that item and we re-publish it now because it deals with many of the distortions about Stalin and the inventions of the supporters of Tribute to Liberty project.

Of late, I have received responses supporting my open letter to NDP MP Alex Atamanenko[7] where I took public issue with him for his support for the pro-fascist Tribute to Liberty Project.  Those responses that opposed my standpoint were a recitation of the usual anti-Soviet propaganda all borrowed from the Tribute to Liberty webpage.

However there was one common theme of note in all of the vituperate comments. All such responses regretted the defeat of Hitler.  Hitler is lamented by the anti-Soviets because he was considered by imperialism to be the best hope to defeat the Soviet Union - the first worker’s state - and restore capitalism in that country.

Interestingly one of the main heroes of this ilk is General Vlasov, a Soviet traitor who was captured and hanged for his betrayal of the Soviet People. 

Some renegade communists also commented on the open letter to Atamanenko.  However not one of them, all vociferous supporters of the Orange Revolution had anything to say about the recent rebuff by the Ukrainian people of the pro-NATO-EU forces in their country. The people of Ukraine have not forgotten that they stood together with the Russian people in the defeat of Hitler. It is becoming clear that NATO is not a defender of peace, and membership in that aggressive alliance would once again expose Ukraine to the threat of new and more devastating war.

And so it goes!  From the CBC, to Tribute to Liberty supporters, to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to renegade communists to all those who work themselves into a fervor of anti-Soviet hatred, or fear to confront it, they sputter, falter and fail.

The decisive role of the Soviet Union, led by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Red Army under the leadership of Supreme Soviet High Command led by Stalin, in the Allied defeat of Hitler Germany is the imperishable truth.  That exploit will live forever in the minds of all democratic people who recognize and understand why it was necessary to unite to defeat Hitler.

The rest will fade from history.  The Allied Victory over fascism in which the Soviet people played the decisive role, will live forever.

Left Turn Canada!

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