Campaign for the defence of peac

Campaign for the defence of peace and against the NATO Summit in Portugal


Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation,

June 25, 2010

Dear friends,

As you know NATO is holding a summit in Lisbon next November where it will adopt a new strategic concept. The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation is part of a campaign to raise awareness and opposition to NATO and its summit and we are sending some texts about this initiative.

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Conference Call


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) announced a summit, at the end of this year, in Portugal, where, among other aspects, it expects to adopt a “new” strategic concept. In this framework, a group of organisations:

Concerned with the aims and meaning of this war summit;

  • While denouncing NATO’s aggressive nature, the military attacks that, since the nineties, it has been launching in several areas of the World, the continuous spreading of its scope of action, as well as the dangers that this represents to the sovereignty and freedom of the peoples;

  • While rejecting the ongoing submission that Portuguese governments and authorities have had regarding NATO, the growing participation of national troops and militarized forces in wars at NATO’s service, the unrestrained use of the national territory and air space by US and NATO troops and, the violation that this policy means of the principles laid down in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic;

is mobilizing to display their repudiation for holding this event in our country by carrying out a Campaign « Peace Yes! NATO No! », appealing to all forces in Portuguese society – associations, trade unions, political organisations – and all citizens, men and women, to converge in creating a movement that will give an adequate public expression to a repudiation of war and the defence of peaceful relations among peoples:

  • Expressing the opposition of the Portuguese population against the NATO Summit and its bellicist aims

  • Demanding that the government withdraw the Portuguese forces involved in NATO military missions

  • Claiming the end of foreign military bases and NATO installations in national territory

  • Demanding the dissolution of NATO

  • Demanding disarmament and the end of nuclear and mass destruction weapons

  • Demanding from the Portuguese authorities a compliance with the United Nations Charter and the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, a respect for international law and the sovereignty and equality of the peoples.

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