An Urgent Appeal to the Canadian

An Urgent Appeal to the Canadian Communists: Stop US-Israel Attempts to Start War On Iran

Don Currie, Chair CPS

August 27, 2010

Dear Comrades and Friends

The précis below by Fidel Castro Ruz of the work of the pro-Israeli journalist Jeffrey Goldberg must shake the complacency of every Communist, labour militant and peace activist to the core.

It is clear, as the World Peace Council (WPC) and the International Movement of Workers and Communist Parties (IMWCP) has been warning for some time, that Israel will attack Iran, within the year with or without the approval of the Obama administration.

The consequences of an aerial bombardment of Iran’s nuclear facilities can be so catastrophic and destabilizing not only for the Middle East and Central Asia, but for the entire current shaky framework of international relations, that it can cause a chain reaction that will create the conditions for uncontrollable massive war with misery and death for millions of people, including the people of Israel, Palestine and their closest neighbours.

We should never forget as Soviet historians warned us, that WW2 was not a single event, but the culmination of a whole series of capitalist wars, culminating in the unleashing of Hitler’s armies that led to the deaths of 50 million people.

Today the tinder box of imperialism is full. There are 12000 nuclear weapons, the militarization of space via satellites, and the greatest concentration of military power in the hands of the leading imperialist state the USA, organized globally, exceeding anything we have seen since the end of WW2.

The internal situation in the USA is unstable. The US economy is stagnant and may even be sliding into another phase of economic crisis. The right-wing extremist pressures on the Obama Administration to accede to widening the wars in Central Asia are growing. Nothing emanating from the Obama Administration gives us confidence that without enormous pressure, it has either the will or the intent to stay the hand of Israel.

The twin evils of capitalism at the imperialist stage, extreme economic instability and militarism, are merging with speed and with unparalleled peril and misery for the people of the world.

Comrades and friends.

We who know better and from our own experience, that war in the modern era solves nothing except to breed more war are called upon to put the matter squarely: What are we going to do?

The situation that is maturing and that is leading to another war demands that the responsible progressive left act now.

The responsibility to act falls most urgently on the Communists and their supporters, past and present, and in the first place on the current leadership of the Communist Party of Canada.

What should we do as a minimum to fulfill our responsibility to our people, to our cause, to our class and to our country? What is the concentration task around which we can all unite?

To prevent an Israeli-US-Harper sanctioned attack on Iran would be a great victory for peace and the best way we can help the people of Iran who are struggling under the most contradictory and difficult circumstance for progressive advance, democracy and peace. The consequences for the people of Israel are unforeseen. They can be quite terrible. The consequence for the beleaguered people of Gaza and Lebanon will be dire. How can a war against Iran help to bring an end to the ordeal of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan?

We know there are in our own country, pro-war forces, driven by hatred and revenge and myopia, that will welcome such a war. War profiteering as always, is a major motive. The rest is deceit!

Wherever we may be at in our understanding of peace and progress, whatever has been our personal journey, none of us support what is being planned in Tel Aviv and Washington to be in the interests of any of the peoples of the Middle East and the world. War against Iran is not the answer. It wasn’t in Iraq and it wasn’t in Afghanistan and will not be in Iran.

Where to start? With the obvious - a plan of action.

Nothing that is said here has not already been considered. What is concerning is that it has not as yet been done. Therefore:

  1. We urgently appeal to General Secretary Miguel Figueroa leader of the Communist Party of Canada to immediately, with the help of his most trusted co-workers, to prepare a carefully worded, sober, succinct and brief as possible statement, in both French and English, to all of organized labour, peace and democratic forces of Quebec and Canada including all of the members of the opposition parties with a special appeal to the NDP Caucus in Parliament, the NDP Governments of Nova Scotia and Manitoba, to all of the NDP MLA’s in all of the provinces and territories, to the responsible environmentalists and to the working class at large, warning of the extreme consequences for peace of an Israeli attack on Iran and to do everything in their power to prevent it.

  2. The issuing of such a statement should be accompanied with the calling of a press conference and consideration given to what can be done to have the statement carried on CPAC, the CBC and all websites with which the CPC may be in contact.

  3. We urge the CEC of the CPC to consider requesting the opportunity for its public spokespersons to hand deliver their statement personally to a representative of the embassies and or consulates of Israel, Iran and the USA and to circulate such a statement to the entire ambassadorial community in Ottawa.

  4. Consideration may be given to issuing of joint statements with representatives of pro-peace states with embassies in Canada.

  5. We recommend that all provincial party organizations and the Communists in Quebec be called upon to go directly to their members and supporters and appeal to them for help to circulate and distribute such a statement and to wherever possible hand deliver it to all local news media and distribute as widely as possible to all local and community papers, cable networks, and to the most progressively consistent bloggers for peace.

  6. We urge the editorial board of People’s Voice to assign a member of its board with the special concentration task to prepare and edit a featured column dedicated to the struggle for peace that carries as a regular feature, the appeals of the World Peace Council, the Canadian Peace Congress, the Canadian peace movement and the International Communist Movement relating to preventing an imperialist attack on Iran.

  7. We appeal to the CEC of the CPC to convene an emergency enlarged meeting of the CC as soon as possible and to mobilize all of the resources at hand with an appeal to all of its candidates to issue statements calling upon all other nominated candidates of other political parties to renounce any support for an attack by Israel on Iran. This should be done publicly and as part of the CPC’s federal election work with the specific and publicly stated intent to defeat the Harper Government’s pro-war policy and oust it from power as soon as possible.

  8. We call upon all progressives to assist CPCon to mount a campaign for funds to support a CPCon public campaign to prevent an attack on Iran.

  9. We call for full support to Dave McKee, President of the Canadian Peace Congress (CPCon) and his committee and to do all we can to assist them with real resources required to activate CPCon on a country-wide scale.

  10. We recommend that CPCon plan for an emergency enlarged meeting of its executive, where an appeal can be issued to the Canadian Peace Alliance and all of the peace organizations of Canada calling upon them to speak over the heads of the politicians directly to the Canadian people to oppose an Israeli-US-Harper sanctioned attack on Iran.

  11. We recommend that CPCon immediately speak with all of its Iranian and Middle Eastern and Central Asian supporters to speak directly to their communities and urge them to publicly denounce plans for war on Iran and to work resolutely for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in co-operations with CPCon and the World Peace Council.

  12. We appeal to comrade Professor Daniel Goldstick, Editor of Spark to immediately go to the United Jewish People’s Order (UJPO) and urge them to work in collaboration with CPCon and to convene a meeting of all of their supporters to publicly denounce the Netanyahu Government and its aggressive policies and to immediately speak out against the threat of an Israeli attack on Iran.

  13. We urge President Dave McKee or someone from his committee to immediately speak with the leading committee of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians appealing to them to act in co-operations with CPCon to alert and appeal to its members to oppose an Israeli-US sanctioned attack on Iran.

  14. We urge President Dave McKee or a member of his committee to speak with Mike Lucas and his organization appealing to them to begin to work with CPCon on a campaign of peace and to prevent an Israel attack on Iran.

  15. We call upon the CEC of the CPC to convene a meeting of the fourteen trade union members, newly elected to the CC to discuss a plan of action that would include the organizing of a rank and file labour peace committee. Part their work would include opening up direct communications with the WFTU, consideration of attending its next World Congress and circulating the work of the WFTU for peace, among Canadian trade unionists.

If these modest steps were taken, we could lay the basis for convening early in the New Year of the most representative conference of left progressive peace forces we can mobilize with invitations to the WPC, the WFTU, the WFDY, the WIDF to send greetings as a minimum and delegates if possible, with the express purpose of repositioning our movement as the leading force for peace in Canada.

Dear comrades and friends.

These proposals are made in the full knowledge that the left progressive forces do not as yet command the mass support we would wish. That is not an excuse not to act in the most organized, purposeful and united way that we can with the resources we have.

As Chair of CPS, I am deeply convinced, not just from the experience of the past, but from what I believe to be a growing war weariness among Canadians with what has happened in Afghanistan, that a united campaign initiated by the left progressive forces, with CPCon leading it, appealing to the Canadian people not to permit the Harper Government to drag us into another war, would resonate positively and have an inspiring affect on all of the forces for peace across the whole country.

I call for discussions, urgent discussions,

There is no one else to do it…

Don Currie, Chair, Canadians for Peace and Socialism