Israeli Occupiers of Palestinian

Israeli Occupiers of Palestinian lands attempt to make everyone complicit in their crimes

October 22, 2010

Canadians for Peace and Socialism

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Dear Comrades and Friends

The Israeli Occupiers of Palestinian lands seize upon every opportunity to attempt make everyone complicit in their expansionist crimes against the Palestinian people.

Brazenly capitalizing on the ordeal of the Chilean miners ranks as a new low.

As the invitation from the Israeli Tourist Ministry was extended to the Chilean miners the so-called Settlers were burning down Palestinian olive groves, just as the harvest was underway, thus depriving Palestinian farm/worker families of their only means of livelihood.

The Netanyahu Government is indistinguishable in its policies and actions today towards the Palestinian people from those of the fascist General Pinochet that acted in concert with US imperialism in 1973 and carried out a violent coup against the Socialist government of Salvador Allende.  Pinochet and the class of wealth and privilege he acted for, caused the deaths of thousands of Chilean revolutionaries and untold economic misery for the Chilean people including the copper miners.

The only policy more base than that of the current Israeli Government, is that of the right-wing minority Harper Conservative Government in Canada and the Obama Democratic administration in the USA which also attempted to capitalize on the ordeal of the Chilean miners while continuing their fulsome support for Israel with the aim of winning Zionist votes in the US November mid-term elections and in the forthcoming federal election in Canada. Let us not forget that Irwin Cotler, Liberal MP luminary on the anti-communist Tribute to Liberty roster lobbies on behalf of Israel’s expansionist plans at the Parliament of Canada each and every day.

Working class solidarity is indivisible.  The cause of the Chilean miners for mine safety and the Palestinian people for justice is the same.

Don Currie, Chair Canadians for Peace and Socialism