The CP of China and its strategi

The CP of China and its strategic dialogues with PASOK and the Socialist International

Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

November 22, 2010, 

Comment of the Newspaper “Rizospastis”-Organ of the CC of the KKE (19/12/2010)

It is well-known that the KKE has come to the conclusion that capitalist relations are developing in China today, with the peculiarity that this is happening under the political leadership of the governing party which bears the title “communist”.

The consequences of this development are well-known: the elevation of China to the top of the countries with the fastest rates of capitalist development and the largest number of billionaires, the abolition of important workers’ gains, such as free health care and education, which the workers have to now pay for, and the existence of millions of unemployed and low-paid workers.

It was not by accident, then, that Liu Jieyi, Deputy Director of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, in his meeting (16/11) with G. Papandreou, Greek Prime minister and President of PASOK and the Socialist International stated that “ The relationship between PASOK and the Communist Party of China is exceptional and we have every intention of working more closely together, in order to promote our inter-party relations and through inter-party dialogue to reinforce the exceptional strategic cooperation between our two countries, especially now as we face many challenges”. Liu Jieyi did not forget to congratulate G. Papandreou on the “excellent election results”. It could not be otherwise, as the political representatives of the monopolies (such as COSCO), regardless of their packaging, (“socialist” in Greece or “communist” in China), understand their common class interests.

The anti-people choices of the PASOK government are saluted and supported by Chinese officials, as long as they are combined with the opening of the road for the Chinese monopolies.

But as we learned from Liu Jieyi, the “love” of the CPC is not only reserved for “socialist” PASOK but for the whole Socialist International. As he himself said: “We are of the opinion that the continuation of coordination and the exchange of views are important, as is the strategic dialogue between the Socialist International and the Communist Party of China. We have every intention of continuing this dialogue further, because as we discovered in the meetings over the last two days, there are many points of agreement between the Socialist International and the political orientation of the Communist Party of China.”

We should remember that this “International” supported the wars of the USA and NATO, and is a political pillar of support for the exploitative capitalist system in Europe and the entire world.

After all this, one may well wonder that maybe the CP China is getting ready to abandon its last “fig-leaf”-its title?