Statement to the Plenary Council

Statement to the Plenary Council of the UPC-CPSU[1], "the protection and support the Republic of Belarus and its President Alexander Lukashenko - a fighter for the unity of the fraternal Soviet people!"

Union of Communist Parties - CPSU

November 13, 2010, Moscow

After the criminal destruction of the Soviet Union came to power in the Republic of Belarus regime Shushkevich based his bourgeois liberal course of Russian reformers. The Belarusian people, we have assessed the prospect emerged as the complete destruction of the socialist national economy, the destruction of all Soviet social gains, has cut short the course a direct expression of will by electing the country's President Alexander Lukashenko.

President-elect, based on the achievements of Soviet Belarus has done with the working people and the Communist Party of Belarus a great job of preventing the collapse of the already started process of the economy, imposing extortionate terms of use "service" of foreign financial capital, stopped the social stratification of society and the general impoverishment of working people. The vast majority of the population actively supported the course of a new President for the development of the Soviet regime created a large industrial production to strengthen the agricultural sector. Small and medium enterprises were aimed at further meeting the consumer needs of the population. State has established close to the Soviet-style distribution system manufactured goods.

As a result, over the years, the presidency of Alexander Lukashenko and friendly work rallied around him the people's patriotic forces; the republic has gone steadily forward. Gross national product in relation to the year 1990 exceeded one and a half times. Belarusian tractors, heavy machinery and other equipment are in demand in dozens of countries. Growing potential of electronic and chemical industries, are carefully preserved natural resources.  People provided with quality food products.  Science in some areas has reached the world's achievements - modern towns and villages through accomplishment, laying of modern roads and housing quality.  The country is not organized crime, unemployment and poverty, provided a happy childhood and a dignified old age, life expectancy 5 years longer than in Russia.

In foreign policy leadership of the Republic of Belarus headed by Alexander Lukashenko has steadily and persistently stands for the unity of the fraternal Soviet peoples.

In the Belarusian society to maintain and increase political and socio-economic role of the most organized and skilled team of workers of the republic - the working class, prepared to take up scientific and technological progress. In its mass workers cherish the Soviet mentality.

The peasants of the republic retain and develop socialist forms of economic activity, collective and state farms.  The organization of production, household arrangement and cultural requirements of the Belarusian peasantry becomes more and more features inherent in the working class.

Bourgeois Russian authorities did not leave under any ideological "cheat" on the fact that the two countries began reforms simultaneously with a general start, received a variety of economic and social results. And that's because in Russia and Belarus has all sorts of political and social system with the opposite type of ownership of the means of production.  In Russia, the mode is private property, in Belarus - the state.  The forms of power are, respectively, the bourgeois and working class.

This is the root of disagreements between the leaders of Russia and Belarus. Under the guise of allegedly creating the Union State of Russia's power in the face of the big bourgeoisie and the highest gosbyurokratii trying to capture high-tech enterprises, to absorb the people's Belarus, bringing it to the status of one of the subjects of bourgeois Russia. In such circumstances, the establishment of the Union State of Russia and Belarus is impossible.

The Plenum of the Council of the UPC-CPSU endorses the activities of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to strengthen comprehensive ties between the peoples of Russia and Belarus, said the special importance of the meetings the President of the PCI-CPSU GA Zyuganov the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Plenum supports the policy of the Communist Party of Belarus to cooperate with the leadership of the republic and its President in the development of economic, political, scientific and cultural ties between the countries and peoples.

The Plenum of the Council of the UPC-CPSU stresses that the establishment of the Union State of the fraternal Soviet peoples is possible only on socialist principles. On ways to fight for the restoration of democracy, return to the road of socialist development, in which basically is the Republic of Belarus headed by Alexander Lukashenko, pointing to all other States in the Soviet Union an example of progressive development in the interests of its people. Therefore, the upper class of Russia, its top officials are trying to replace the current leadership of the Republic of Belarus on their fellow oppressors and exploiters of the workers.

The Plenum of the Council of the UPC-CPSU strongly condemns anti-Belarus smear campaign waged by the Russian capital and its officials in government. Offers the Communist parties to protect and uphold the Republic of Belarus. Calls upon all the voters of the Republic to come to the polls and support the AG Lukashenko at the presidential elections on Dec. 19, 2010.

[1] Union of Communist Parties ‚Äď CPSU: