New Year’s Statement – 2011

Canadians for Peace and Socialism

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2011 will be a year of intense struggle by all progressive humankind determined to put an end to imperialist war, global capitalist economic depression, the threat of nuclear annihilation and restore the planet to its natural health and grandeur.

Inspired by the International Communist and Worker’s Parties (ICWP) and their allies the global anti-monopoly movements for peace, sovereignty, social advance and environmental responsibility will grow in theoretical understanding, unity and organizational strength in the decades of the 21st Century.

The progressive movements of the Canadian people are being drawn into that objective political process. That process is the future, the form and content of all class politics going forward. 

Canadian state monopoly capitalism is touted by the ruling elites of our country as stable and virtually immune from recurring capitalist economic crisis obviating the need for any change to the current political economic system. This alleged immunity, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty is unique among G20 states. The privately owned corporate controlled media promotes the fiction of Canadian exceptionalism attempting to convince Canadians of the reasonableness of the continued domination, in perpetuity, of private finance capital over all of Canadian society.

Canadian state monopoly capitalism is neither unique nor invincible nor eternal. The banking and corporate elites, a handful of investors, have been given no mandate by the Canadian people to wield power perpetually and forever. Canadian state monopoly capitalism is finite and typical of a small group of G7 states that have reached the final stage of their development state monopoly capitalism.

Relations among imperialist states is uneven, contradictory, confrontational and reactionary. Acting for Canadian finance capital, the parties of profit system, the Conservatives and the Liberals, have promoted the tight integration of the Canadian economy and state into this unstable global imperialist system exposing all Canadians to recurring economic crisis and more US-NATO wars of aggression.  

Canadian finance capital is not unique but has some distinct features.

Canadian imperialism achieved power and influence in the international imperialist system of states in alliance, first, with British imperialism and today with US imperialism. Canadian finance capital evolved and rose to a position of power and influence in what today is the G7 imperialist states and NATO by exacting a handsome price from superior imperialist states, principally the USA, for its anti-communist services in the Cold War and by sending Canadian youth to die in US-NATO imperialist wars of aggression.

Today, Canadian imperialism is reaching for a more influential position in the imperialist system of states. The top echelons of Canadian finance capital seeks to rise to a higher level of imperialist influence by amassing maximum profit from energy exports, militarism and war, and financial plunder of the state and by driving down the wages and living standards of Canadian workers and farmers.

Canadian imperialism is engaged in indoctrinating the youth to accept a future of serial NATO wars. The major capitalist parties the Liberals and the Conservatives are agreed on the building of a rapid interventionist military with complete interoperability with US-NATO military forces including support for the strike first nuclear strategy of US imperialism and NATO.

Canadian finance capital is steeped in betrayal of the political and economic independence of the people of Canada and Quebec. Canadian finance capital is incapable of defending the sovereignty of the Canadian people over the wealth and resources of the country. Finance capital’s only loyalty is to maximum profit.

Forward looking Canadians confront a struggle for people’s sovereignty over economic development, an independent foreign policy of peace free of the dominance and control of US imperialism and NATO. Public ownership and control of the commanding heights of the economy, the transformation of Parliament from a rubber stamp for NATO and the IMF into a genuine government of the people are high on the agenda of democratic renewal of our country.

Canada will survive as an independent state, to the extent that the organized Canadian labour, farm, peace and progressive anti-monopoly movements of the people confront state monopoly capital and its program of energy sell-out, NATO wars and militarism, and the plunder of the wealth of the state by banking capital.

The Communists have a decisive role to play in the class battles that are certain to arise in the years ahead. The resurgence of communism as an international revolutionary force for progressive advance is underway.

Imperialism, above all else, fears the ideas, slogans and program of communism being seized upon by the masses of oppressed humanity. Communism is the direct and open challenge to the imperialist claim to an infinite entitlement to rule the globe. The only consistent and indefatigable opponent of imperialism is the world view of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism.

The Communist movement is not like any other social process. It will not wither and die. Other social processes are spontaneous and blind, limited to advocating a reform of the imperialist system and have no future. The Communist movement is the conscious expression of the international working class, of its historical role in the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. That consciousness is destined to grow and ultimately triumph in the establishment of socialism. Communism is the future.

The international communist movement historically has suffered many counter-revolutionary defeats by the class enemy. After each set back, Communists relying on the science of Marxism-Leninism re-evaluated, re-grouped, re-engaged the class enemy and counter-attacked and won new victories. That process is once again underway and gaining ground.

That is what 21st Century socialism means. 21st. Century Socialism is neither a new beginning, nor a repudiation of its past historical experience. 21st Century Socialism is a continuation of the revolutionary historical experience of the international proletariat and its allies destined to triumph because the communist movement accepts and acts in accordance with the objective laws of economic and political development which in the imperialist era leads inexorably to the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and the victory of socialism.

Canada’s future is socialism.

Left Turn Canada!