President George Bush’s speech before a revanchist anti-communist audience in Prague Czechoslovakia on June 5th prior to the opening of the G8 meeting, asserting a US imperialist prerogative to expand its strategic missile capability anywhere it chooses and to use it to impose its political and economic doctrine on sovereign people’s expresses the vanity and arrogance of the US wealthy elites and the submissiveness of those eager to serve them.
The irony of President Bush with dubious electoral credentials mired in brutal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, with plummeting approval ratings and a crisis ridden militarized economy, lecturing the nations of the world on democracy and freedom impresses no one except perhaps the Vaclav Havel’s and Lech Walesa’s invited to the table of the mighty as a reward for their anti-Soviet cold-war servitude to imperialism.
The refusal of the majority of the people of the planet to voluntarily accept the centralized authority of US imperialism over all global affairs infuriates those who place all of their faith in US capitalism and its military power. The fact is the democratic peoples of the world are seeking ways to end war, poverty, oppression, injustice and none of them include acceptance of US imperialist domination.
New global trends are developing that are both independent of and a reaction to US imperialism. They represent the future. Some reflect inter-capitalist rivalry that rejects US hegemony, others genuine national democratic movements of the people, and increasingly forms of socialist economic development that answers the contemporary needs of the billions of human beings struggling for economic and social progress.
Canadians confront a choice. We can follow Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his subservience to the Bush Doctrine of perpetual US-NATO sponsored wars of aggression and occupation or we can join in solidarity with the new progressive, peace, anti-imperialist, national democratic and socialist movements that are arising on all continents and that represent the future.
Canadian workers and farmers, all those who must labour to live have much in common with the peace movement of Czechoslovakia that rejects US military bases on their territory, with the socialist forces of Venezuela who are using their energy resources for their people, of Cuba defiantly and successfully charting its own course, with Russia, China, India, Brazil representing non-belligerent approaches to solving international relations and not least the anti-war and democratic forces of the USA that have broken with President George Bush and his dwindling base of neo-con supporters.

There is only one principled response to the credo pronounced in President Bush’s June 5th speech that is available to people that truly value their democratic independence and freedom and that is to reject it as a path forward for humanity. George Bush represents the past, and no thinking human being wants to go there.