Proposed Draft Resolution

Canadian Peace Congress Statement on Korea
Stop The Drive to War in Korea!

Peace Congress Calls for Diplomacy, Peace Negotiations

As the political crisis in Korea deepens, the Canadian Peace Congress calls on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to immediately distance Canada from the war-mongering actions of South Korea and the United States, and to work toward a peaceful and diplomatic solution. Furthermore, the Congress reiterates its call for the Canadian government to work through the United Nations to normalize relations between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), based on non-interference, cooperation and peace.


NATO Meets to Plan Expansion, Repression and Future Wars

Yes to Peace and People’s Sovereignty – No to NATO and State Monopoly Edict

Canada Out of NATO Now!

“Imperialism – the era of bank capital, the era of gigantic capitalist monopolies, of the development of monopoly capitalism into state monopoly capitalism – has clearly shown an extraordinary strengthening of the “state machine” and an unprecedented growth in its bureaucratic and military apparatus in connection with the intensification of repressive measures against the proletariat both in the monarchial and in the freest, republic countries.”

V.I. Lenin State and Revolution – 1916 – Volume 25 page 410 Progress Publishers Moscow 1964.


Against NATO

  1. US-NATO Decree: Continue Canadian Military Commitment to the War in Afghanistan!

  2. World Peace Council/CPPC Appeal on the NATO Summit in Lisbon

  3. Our Fight for Independent National Policies is Our Fight for Peace.  Yes to Peace - No to NATO!

  4. Speech By World Peace Council President - Socorro Gomes for the Secretariat meeting of the World Peace Council

  5. Report By Report of Thanassis Pafilis General Secretary WPC to the Secretariat Meeting, Brussels October 12, 2010

  6. NATO Meets to Plan Expansion, Repression and Future Wars: Don Currie, Chair CPS

  7. Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council Demands that NATO be dissolved

  8. Press Statement: Statement of Movement for Peace, Sovereignty and Solidarity Among Peoples (Mopassol - Argentina): GRAVE DANGER OF NUCLEAR WAR

  9. Regina Peace Council: NATO & Canada's Peace Movement (March 31, 2010 Re-Print)

Communique of the Regional Meeting Middle East of the WPC

World Peace Council

October 7, 2010



CPCon Statement
Put Parliament Back to Work: Throw Out the Harper War Criminals!

For the second year in a row, the minority Harper government is proroguing Parliament to avoid a crisis of confidence.  Last year, the issue was outrage over the Conservatives' economic update, which sought to solve the economic crisis on the backs of working people.  This time, the issue is the ongoing scrutiny into allegations of Canada's involvement in the torture of Afghan detainees.


New From the Regina Peace Council:

1. Saskatchewan Peace News
Vol. 17 Iss. 1, June 2010

2. Saskatchewan Peace News
Vol. 17 Iss. 2, September 2010

3. Saskatchewan Peace News
Vol. 17 Iss. 3, November 2010

Our Fight for Independent National Policies is Our Fight for Peace

The Harper Minority Government Supports NATO Plan to Supplant the United Nations

Focus Commentary on NATO Today

February 21st 2010

On Tuesday February 23rd, without the approval of Parliament, the Harper Conservative minority government conspiring with the USA and the EU in a closed meeting at the National Defense University, Fort Lesley J. McNair Washington D.C. USA will commit Canada to the support of a new strategic concept for NATO as global arbiter and enforcer for imperialism. If agreement can be reached among NATO experts in Washington the proposal for a NATO face lift will go forward for adoption by all member states at a NATO summit late in 2010.


The World Peace Council

Speech by Socorro Gomes for the Secretariat meeting of the World Peace Council
October 10-12 2010

Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council Demands that NATO be dissolved
Pravda - September 9, 2010

Statement of Portuguese Council of Peace and Cooperation
Campaign for the defence of peace and against the NATO Summit in Portugal
June 25th, 2010

Speech of Socorro Gomes
President of the WPC
Disarm Now Conference
New York, NY

May 1st, 2010

US Peace Council Statement to Nepal Conference
Al Marder, President USPC

April 4th, 2010

International Symposium Against War - 60 Years of Struggle for Peace
Celebration of the WPC's 6oth Anniversary
Iraklis Tsavdaridis, Executive Secretary of the WPC

Casa Do Alentejo - Lisbon, January 31, 2010
March 24th, 2010

WPC Statement about the EP Resolution on Cuba
March 23rd, 2010

WPC - The Kathmandu Declaration
Kathmandu, March 12th, 2010

Speech to International Conference Unity for Peace and Progress against Imperialism
Kathmandu, February 20th, 2010

Speech at the Secretariat Meeting of the World Peace Council
Kathmandu, Nepal, February 18th, 2010


Draft Resolution

Canadian Peace Congress Extraordinary Convention
Winnipeg Manitoba October 25, 2008
Authored By Don Currie

  1. Introduction

  2. The Special Extraordinary Convention of the Canadian Peace Congress in Winnipeg Manitoba October 25-26, 2008 convenes at a moment when the progressive forces of peace and anti-imperialist solidarity confront aggressive US imperialism and its NATO-EU allies that foment wars and brutal occupations, revive the arms race and destabilize international relations and the global economy.

  3. US imperialism and its NATO-EU allies seek to perpetuate in the 21st century: the cycle of wars of aggression, militarization and economic crises that characterized the 20th century resulting in two world wars; the use of nuclear weapons against civilian populations; the seizure of global resources and markets; the dismemberment of nations; exploitation and impoverishment including mass starvation.

  4. US imperialism and its NATO-EU allies are installing forward radar systems in Czechoslovakia and Poland, conducting provocative joint military exercises involving Ukraine and Georgia and other former Warsaw Pact states, all designed to encircle and intimidate Russia.

  5. The US maintains over 700 foreign military bases, is expanding its nuclear arsenal with new weapons and methods of delivery including their deployment to space, and has activated the US 4th fleet to intimidate the people’s liberation struggles of Central and South America and the Caribbean.


An Open Letter to the Canadian Peace Congress on the Democratic Republic of Congo

Canadians for Peace & Socialism