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"He who thinks about the past has the future in mind also. He who speaks of the future has no right to forget the past. I who have passed through the fire of many battles - I am against war." - Marshall Vasili I. Chuikov

Statement of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF)

Joint Statement of the ICWP

Speech by de Jerónimo de Sousa evoking the 65th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi-Fascism

The Communist Party of Australia - The Guardian, Horwitz off Target

 “The Epoch of Stalin in facts and figures"

Communist Party of the Russian Federation
G. A. Zyuganov
December 14, 2009 ,

Despite all the efforts of anti-Soviet, anti-communist propaganda, the interest to the personality and activity of Joseph Stalin has unusually increased recently. During numerous meetings with our voters and supporters, I constantly heard the following appeals: in disputes with the anti-Soviets one should use more facts and figures, but nowadays few are able to find and collect the ones. Could you help?

Making advances to these wishes, we decided to make a special publication, where by dry language of statistics we could show the full extent of achievements of our people under the leadership of I.V. Stalin and the vanity of attempts to discredit this historic feat.


On the Occasion of the 65th Anniversary of VE Day

As the people of the world approach the 60th Anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe, (V.E. Day), on May 8th 2005, the media is releasing a flood of commentary designed to diminish the legacy and achievement of the anti-Nazi coalition of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United States of America and Great Britain. Dishonouring the USSR's contribution to the defeat of Hitler Germany and its post-war role in framing the UN Charter is the goal - distortion of history the means.


Imperialism and Socialism in the 21st Century Part One

The Historical Legacy of the Great October Socialist Revolution

The 65th Anniversary of the Allied Victory Over Nazi Germany!
The Way I See It
Don Currie: Editor FOS
May 5, 2010

A quick read of the propaganda of the corporate controlled mass media about the impending May 8th 65TH Anniversary of the Allied Victory over Nazi Germany, the uniformed are invited to believe that the military forces of every country involved in WW2 defeated Hitler’s Armies except the Soviet Union.