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November 28, 2010

30, 000 march in Lisbon Portugal in defence of peace and against NATO 

The culmination of the World Peace Council (WPC) and Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) Peace Yes! NATO No! Campaign was held on November 20 at the Marques de Pombal Square Restauradores, Lisbon Portugal where over 30,000 gathered in a peaceful demonstration to voice their demand to DISMANTLE NATO!

Portuguese people expressed their opposition to the NATO summit meeting of warmongers and their objectives and demanded;

  • The Portuguese government to withdraw all Portuguese forces involved in NATO military missions;

  • The end of all foreign military bases and NATO facilities in the country;

  • The dissolution of NATO;

  • Nuclear disarmament and the dismantling and destruction of all nuclear weapons and WMD;

  • The Portuguese authorities to execute the decision of the UN Charter and the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, in respect for international law and sovereignty and equality of peoples.

Speaking at the “Peace Yes! NATO No!” event was:

  • Helena Barbosa, representing the National Preparatory Council of the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students to be held in South Africa;

  • Socorro Gomes, president of the World Peace Council (WPC) and the Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (Cebrapaz);

  • Graciete Cruz, member of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat of the National Council of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers - National Trades Union (UGT-IN);

  • Rui Rosa Valentine, on behalf of the Campaign “Peace Yes! NATO No!” and President of the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC);

  • Maria do Ceu E Guerra, actress, who will present a draft resolution to the protesters.

The slogans:

  • Peace Yes! NATO No!

  • Peace, work and bread! Not war!

  • For the war are millions! For workers just pennies!

  • Stop the aggression! Peace in Afghanistan!

  • End the occupation! No War in Iraq!

  • NATO, dissolution! Adhere to the Constitution!

  • Dismantle NATO!

  • Peace and Bread! Not Nuclear weapons!

  • Peace is the solution! Missiles in Europe are not!

The campaign “Peace Yes! NATO No!” was established in January 2010 and unites more than 100 organizations in a diverse and broad spectrum - which include movements that already represent some of the richest and most comprehensive in terms of workers' unity and Portuguese people in the fight for their rights and also for peace.

The campaign “Peace Yes! NATO No!” received the support of important international structures such as the World Peace Council and World Federation of Democratic Youth and dozens of organizations in the peace movement worldwide.

Canadian Peace Congress Statement on the Lisbon Summit

NATO: Wolf in a Sheep's Skin, Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman CC,  Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF)

World Peace Council - New: Peace Messenger!

US-NATO Decree: Continue Canadian Military Commitment to the War in Afghanistan!

World Peace Council/CPPC Appeal on the NATO Summit in Lisbon

Our Fight for Independent National Policies is Our Fight for Peace.  Yes to Peace - No to NATO!

Speech By World Peace Council President - Socorro Gomes for the Secretariat meeting of the World Peace Council

Report By Report of Thanassis Pafilis General Secretary WPC to the Secretariat Meeting, Brussels October 12, 2010

NATO Meets to Plan Expansion, Repression and Future Wars: Don Currie, Chair CPS

Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council Demands that NATO be dissolved

Press Statement: Statement of Movement for Peace, Sovereignty and Solidarity Among Peoples (Mopassol - Argentina): GRAVE DANGER OF NUCLEAR WAR

Regina Peace Council: NATO & Canada's Peace Movement (March 31, 2010 Re-Print)

World Peace Council: Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (PCPC)

Campaign for the defence of peace and against the NATO Summit in Portugal, YES TO PEACE! NO TO NATO!

November 20 - Demonstration in Lisbon!

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CPS Statement on Rising Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

November 23, 2010

Prime Minister Harper Inflames War Danger

Reject the Right Wing War Policy of the Minority Conservative Harper Government

Demand the Canadian Government Act to Reduce Tensions and Promote a Negotiated Peaceful Settlement

When the choice is between a Canadian government initiative that could reduce tensions and promote peace and actions that raise tensions and lead to war, Prime Minister Harper chooses war over peace.

Prime Minister Harper’s knee jerk support for the Obama administrations threats against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK - North Korea) inflames the danger of a skirmish becoming a major war. It is the height of irresponsibility to promote war when peace is possible.


Statement of Canadians for Peace & Socialism

For a Canadian Foreign Policy of Peace

October 13, 2010

The rejection by a majority of the member states of the United Nations, of the bid by the right-wing minority Conservative Government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a seat on the Security Council of the UN is a stinging defeat for the pro-NATO, pro-Israel, pro-war, anti-people’s program foisted on the UN by the leading G7 imperialist states led by the U.S.A.

The Harper defeat at the U.N. paves the way for further defeats of the right-wing minority Conservative Government at home and its ouster in the next federal election.

It would be a mistake to consider the defeat of the Harper right-wing Conservatives as strictly a Canadian affair. It is much more than that. This incident deserves a deeper analysis by the left progressive forces for peace and socialism as to the significance of the complex struggles unfolding among UN member states. The majority of member states are less inclined to subsume their interests in those of the leading G7 states. Given the opportunity via a secret ballot to elect another avowed representative of the pro-U.S., pro-NATO, pro-Israel lobby at the U.N. a majority of the U.N. member states refused.


Statement of FOS Editorial Board

November 28, 2010

The editorial board of Focus On Socialism (FOS) is issuing this public statement as a response to Darrel Rankin, Manitoba Provincial Leader of the Communist Party of Canada (CPC), objecting to FOS editor Don Currie stating that Darrel Rankin “plagiarized” Don Currie’s March 27, 2005 article entitled “The 60th Anniversary of V.E. Day”


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